Wild Rosehip Face Cream

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Wild Rosehip Face Cream

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This hydrating, wildcrafted, plant-based face cream is infused with wild, foraged rosehips and primrose, which are known to soften and brighten skin, lock in moisture, reduce fine lines, increase cell regeneration, and boost collagen formation. I've reverently harvested the rosehips and blossoms from the woodland that I live on--the ancestral lands of the Abenaki Kennebis. It also contains sustainably harvested coffee, which has constituents that firm, tighten, soothe, calm, and depuff skin (great for under the eyes). This formulation is essential oil-free, thick, rich, and emollient, containing nourishing, premium-quality shea butter and fast-absorbing sunflower oil.

This noncomedogenic, buttery-textured cream absorbs quickly and is ideal as a day cream. It works well under makeup. A little goes a very long way!

**For optimal effects, I recommend incorporating this face cream into a routine that includes our Herbal & Wild Mushroom Nourishing Face Cream (which works well as a night cream), Nourishing Herbal Serum, and Hibiscus Rose Facial Toner. After cleansing, use toner, then serum, and finish with a dab of face cream.**

My oil of choice for this moisturizer is sunflower oil, a skin-supporting, hydrating, nourishing oil that absorbs quickly into skin, without leaving a greasy residue. It naturally contains Vitamin E, which is known to prevent and soften wrinkles. It also contains linoleic acid, which helps skin retain moisture.

My butter of choice for this cream is raw shea, which ranks very low on the non-comedogenic scale and is appropriate for oily, dry, normal, and sensitive skin. Shea butter contains fatty acids and vitamins that soften and repair skin and naturally relieve acne. 

This moisturizer comes in a 1oz. amber glass jar (to protect it from light) that is airtight and leak-proof.

∆ Be aware that raw shea butter, which is used in this cream, naturally imparts a slightly nutty and smokey scent.

 No essential oils are used in this formulation.