In the Wood Botanicals was launched in April 2019. We are receiving some lovely, positive feedback about our products that we are excited to share with you. You can read more reviews within individual product listings. And, if you are happy with our products, we welcome more reviews to help us get the word out. Thank you for your support! With much gratitude and appreciation! ~Susan xx


"I received my beautifully packaged shipment and your lovely card. So much love came out of that box and I am so very grateful for the magickal products you create for all of us to share with our loved ones and to care for ourselves. I am already wearing my Witch perfume oil and sprayed the liniment on my aching neck, and am very pleased with the face cream as well." ~Zoe

"I am so impressed with these products. I purchased the “Magick” perfume, the herbal serum and the wild rose lip balm. I went through chemo in 2018 and it really aged my skin beyond my years. I have really seen a huge difference when I use your serum. I love all of these products so much." ~Robyn

"Your products are legit and I can feel not only the magick from the plants you use, but your very powerful magick as well. I am delighted to have found a source I can trust and that feels like I made it myself. You are a treasure to be cherished and loved." ~spiritofganesh

"I have to say I am so impressed by your products. I use your toner and it has helped so much with the texture of my skin and has reduced redness and impurities within just one week. Not only that, but your Hallowed Ground perfume oil is my favorite and reminds me of an antique store. I just ordered your under eye elixir and I am so excited to use it!" ~Valerie

"I love your products so much! Your wild mushroom face cream is a miracle! Just ordered another one, along with the patchouli and orange body butter and the hand salve. Your products make the world a better place." ~Michele on Herbal & Wild Mushroom Nourishing Face Cream, Patchouli and Wild Orange Whipped Body Butter, and Mend :: An All-Purpose Healing Salve for Skin

"I just got my order of the wild mushroom cream and I'm absolutely in love! You are amazing for creating this and it is working beautifully on my skin. In one night it transformed the appearance because I'm glowing again. Thank you so much!" ~Stephanie B. on Herbal & Wild Mushroom Nourishing Face Cream

"My skin absolutely LOVES your magickal products (toner, serum, face cream)! It feels so silky smooth and hydrated without any irritation whatsoever. And I even got compliments saying that my skin looked so fresh and glowy (no make-up). My skin and I couldn't be happier. Thank you for creating such beautiful magic." ~Jade Scarlett on Herbal Facial Toner, Nourishing Herbal Serum, and Herbal & Wild Mushroom Nourishing Face Cream 

"I have to say, I am so impressed with you. I found your site through Enchanted Living magazine and found it charming and magical. Your information about each product is very helpful and the feel of what you offer is clean, connected and beautiful. When I got my first order and you sent a handwritten note, I literally teared up. You are so thoughtful and kind. The love with which you offer your creations to the world is powerful. Thank you for doing what you do!" ~J

"Thank you for creating such wonderful, magical, soothing products." ~Gloria

"For the past several years I’ve been wanting to find products for my face that were natural. When Susan started sharing her creations on Instagram, I just couldn’t wait to try them out. I’d never used a toner so this was something new to me, so I purchased the toner, serum and face cream. As much as I am enjoying all three products, I really love the serum. My skin just drinks in the moisture and finishes with a dewy soft glow and never greasy like many products I’ve used in the past. I’ve been wanting to increase my “self care” when it comes to my skin and Susan has made it a ritual that I look forward to every morning and every night. Thank you and I can’t wait to try more of your products!" ~Robin Craig on Herbal Facial TonerNourishing Herbal Serum, and Herbal & Wild Mushroom Nourishing Face Cream

"I have bought oodles of salves and lotions and such for pain. They never work. When this one did, I thought I was dreaming." ~Susan Ramey Cleveland on Solace :: A Salve for Pain and Deep Healing

"Thank you so much! I love the products! I've been using the toner and face cream nightly and I love that pain salve! My knee has been bothering me lately with all the rain and it definitely helps a lot!!" ~Brenda on Herbal Facial TonerHerbal & Wild Mushroom Nourishing Face Cream and Solace :: A Salve for Pain and Deep Healing

"I absolutely love your Flying Ointment. Thank you so much for your talent and all that you do. You are a precious soul." ~Martha on Flying Ointment

"I've tried many creams and moisturizers because i have sensitive skin but this one takes the cake!! It's really rich and smoothes on beautifully without a heavy greasy feeling. You're left with a soft, dewey glow!! It's wonderful. Portion is very generous as a little goes a long way. You need this!!" ~Michelle Borowicz on Herbal & Wild Mushroom Nourishing Face Cream

"I am so happy and grateful for this toner. I am already experiencing amazing results. This toner has gone above and beyond what any other toner I’ve used has managed to accomplish. I have sensitive skin, and all other toners (even other herbal toners) make my skin way too dry and waaaaay too tight. I know toner is supposed to tighten your skin, but not uncomfortably tight, like I’ve experienced. This herbal facial toner made by In The Wood Botanicals tightens my skin while at the same time softening it. I feel like for the first time, a toner makes my skin happy. And I also just want to comment on how great it smells! The herbs used in the toner really blend together in a gorgeous way. Definitely sticking to this product!" ~Ivy on Herbal Facial Toner

"I am absolutely in awe of this serum! I have seen astonishing results in such short time and my skin looks and feels younger and fresh, I have even had comments at work about how my skin is glowing lately! I call this serum little droplets of pure magic!" ~Jade Scarlett on Nourishing Herbal Serum

"I was never much of a serum person and almost didn't purchase this, but I'm so glad I did. It's light but deeply nourishing. My skin drinks it up!! It pairs wonderfully with the mushroom anti-aging cream. Highly recommend!!" ~Michelle Borowicz on Nourishing Herbal Serum and Herbal & Wild Mushroom Nourishing Face Cream

"So happy I found this cream, as you age your skin becomes so much drier but with the toner and serum and then followed by the cream, your skin feels hydrated and moist but not greasy. I’ve been getting compliments on my skin looking smoother and more dewy." ~Brenda on Herbal & Wild Mushroom Nourishing Face CreamHerbal Facial Toner, and Nourishing Herbal Serum

"My husband and I are both fans of this salve. He uses it on his always-dry elbows and cuticles, I like it for my hands and feet (especially before bed). It is light yet penetrating, absorbs quickly and has a light soft scent. I recommend carrying this tin with you everywhere!" ~Marci on Mend :: An All-Purpose Healing Salve for Skin

"This beautifully packaged lip balm is the best I’ve ever used. The consistency is perfect and it is so nourishing. The scent is heavenly. I bought 2 extras for gifts and the recipients are as delighted as I am. A really beautiful product." ~Janet Reid on Vanilla Wild Rose Lip Balm