Pumpkin Spice Lip Balm

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Pumpkin Spice Lip Balm

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As the leaves turn colors and the weather starts to cool, you’ll enjoy nourishing, softening, and protecting your lips with this delicious seasonal lip balm. It encapsulates the essence of Fall with its cozy, warm, nostalgic aroma and flavor that is hard to resist. A classic!

Infused with skin-healing calendula, this botanical formulation is smooth, sweet, rich and creamy, with a perfect blend of pumpkin spice rounded out with a hint of warm vanilla and a mild note of sugary honey from the beeswax. 

**The spice in this lip balm may give your lips a slight tingle.**

∆ The base of this formulation is made of beeswax, blended with fractionated coconut oil infused with calendula, and jojoba oil.

A minimal, safe amount of high-quality, therapeutic-grade clove bud essential oil, vanilla oleoresin, and lip-safe organic flavoring oil are used in this formula.

∆ It comes in a 7 ml eco-friendly compostable tube.