Mugwort Smoke Cleansing Wands
Mugwort Smoke Cleansing Wands

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Mugwort Smoke Cleansing Wands

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Mugwort is an enchanting herb strongly associated with witchcraft and Samhain, and considered to be both sacred and powerful Spirit Medicine. Known as a Visionary Herb, it has long been used to enhance psychic ability while offering protection from potential negative energies.

I’ve lovingly wildcrafted these mugwort incense wands (in two sizes) to be burned for a variety of sacred purposes…

  • to clear stagnant or negative energy in a room and make space for beneficial energy
  • to help you center, ground, and relax, in preparation for spiritual work
  • to enhance psychic connections in your practices of divination and spirit communication

**If you have respiratory conditions and do not wish to be exposed to smoke, you can use them in your rituals just as you would a conventional wand.**


How to Safely Burn Your Mugwort Wand

Light the top of the wand. Once you get a decent flame going, blow it out and allow it to smolder and smoke over a heatproof dish, or abalone shell, which will catch your hot ashes. The bundle needs airflow to continue burning, so keep it moving—use your breath, or fan it with a feather or your hand.

If you do not wish to burn your wand in its entirety, tamp out the bundle in your heatproof container. Each time you burn your wand, first cut off the burnt tips to expose fresh herb. This ensures a good burn. Be sure to use proper ventilation, and never leave a burning wand unattended.