Liminality :: Perfume Oil

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Liminality :: Perfume Oil

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The liminal space betwixt and between the familiar and the mysterious is where the magick happens. It is the place where the energy and vibration of one entity meets another; where a tended garden meets the wild, the peak of a mountain touches the clouds, at a crossroads, within a cast circle, or the embrace between two lovers.

The “veil” between the earthly realm and the astral plane is a powerful liminal space; like a gauzy, shimmering mist that dances fluidly between them. The witch invites us to move freely between these worlds in both conscious and subconscious ways. Beings from the terrestrial realm make contact with the mystical Otherworld, just as spirits beyond the veil reach out to us in love.

Liminality perfume oil is a fragrance that is both grounded and ethereal. It embodies and celebrates the liminal space between earthly realm and Otherworld. Enjoy notes of grounding woodsy vetiver, dark vanilla, black fig and honey tied to ethereal notes of bergamot black tea, ylang ylang, and blood orange.

Experience liminality as you apply this oil to the warmth of your skin and allow it to blend with your own unique chemistry. You will initially be uplifted by the bright, fruity citrus and heady floral top notes. As the scent dries down, you too will come down to the energies of the woodsy, earthy grounding base of the fragrance. Take pleasure in the entirety of this sensual experience.

∆ It comes in a stylish 6 ml clear glass perfume bottle (depending on my bottle supplier's availability, the bottle will either be rectangular or round).

∆ Vanilla oleoresin and vetiver, ylang ylang, and blood orange essential oils are contained in this formulation. 

∆ Premium Grade Fragrance Oils used in this perfume are designed by an International Fragrance Association certified master perfumer. These fragrance oils are vegan, cruelty-free, and gluten-free.

∆ This perfume contains skin-friendly carrier oils of jojoba and fractionated coconut.