Ghosts :: Perfume Oil

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Ghosts :: Perfume Oil

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In remembrance of the dearly departed, this perfume oil captures the ethereal and comforting aura of the spirit world just beyond the veil. The beloved unseen are close by and make their presence be known by the flicker of a candle, a shimmer in the corner of your eye, a brush of breath upon your cheek. A whisper, a flutter, a hint of distant music.

This dreamy, soothing blend is crafted with three levels of notes that together create an aromatically appealing, intricate fragrance. Experience complimentary scents of apple and citrus imparted by essential oils of chamomile and bergamot, enveloped by a lasting impression of warm, sweet vanilla. These essential oils are combined in a nourishing base of jojoba and fractionated coconut oils. 

The magickal properties of the ingredients in this perfume oil grace its wearer with spiritual love, increased energy, clarity of the mind, abundance, success, protection, and purification. 

∆ It comes in a stylish 6 ml clear glass perfume bottle.

∆ Essential oil is used in this formula.


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