Erotique Body Oil

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Erotique Body Oil

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Relax, soothe, and rejuvenate yourself with this plant-based, aromatic, sensual body oil infused with rose blossoms, blended with high quality, pure essential oils of ylang ylang, palmarosa, and patchouli, and garnished with a gem of either rose or clear quartz to enhance the energy of this formulation.

Ylang ylang's aroma is heady, sweet, radiant, floral, slightly fruity, with a spicy note of clove. This middle note is supported by a darker, woody base of patchouli, and the earthy, clean and bright scent of palmarosa. It's truly joy and passion in a bottle.

The plant constituents are combined with sweet almond oil and cold pressed safflower oil, resulting in a moisturizing formulation that nourishes and guards the skin while providing a soothing experience.

Erotique can be enjoyed solo or with a partner. Indulge in a full-body massage (you can dilute it further with your favorite carrier oil if you wish), pamper yourself with an after-shower or after-bath oil anointing ritual, add a dropperful to your bathwater, use a few drops for an energizing scalp massage or to tame fly away tresses (ylang ylang, patchouli, and palmarosa are wonderful for hair), or apply this sensual oil whenever you'd like to refresh the sacred temple of your body, heart, and mind. This botanical blend contains plant-based constituents that arouse the senses, relax stress and tension, and moisturize, soothe, and nurture the skin.

∆ My oils of choice for this body-care product are sweet almond oil and cold pressed safflower oil. They are ideal for massage and are nourishing and hydrating. The naturally-occuring vitamin E in safflower oil helps repair and protect skin. Both of these oils have a super low comedogenic rating, so they will not clog pores. 

∆ Essential oils of ylang ylang, palmarosa, and patchouli are used in this formula. 

∆ This body oil comes in a 2oz. glass Boston round bottle with convenient dropper cap.

∆ If using a dropperful of this oil in your bathwater, please be aware that it can make the lining of your tub slippery. Use caution when entering and exiting the bath.