Earth and Ether Anointing Oil

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Earth and Ether Anointing Oil

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Grounded and centered with a quiet mind. Feelings of ease and peace. Balanced with energy that emanates outward and connects to realms both seen and unseen. This is the state of being I was envisioning when crafting this magickal blend that is meant to help you embody these attributes.

This anointing and intentional oil is both grounding and uplifting, calming and energizing, swirling with deep, woodsy patchouli and warm, soothing vanilla oleoresin derived from the fruit pods of orchids of the vanilla genus. Its aroma and the magickal correspondences of its plant-based ingredients will help you stay rooted but not rigid, and will encourage energy to flow naturally from the base of your spine all the way to the top of your crown, connecting you to Source.

The oils used in this botanical preparation allow your mind and spirit to travel to sacred, ethereal places while your body remains grounded, centered, and protected. Its application is most helpful for preparing yourself for magickal rituals, spellwork, and energy work. It’s also appropriate for meditation and for calming, grounding, and centering when you feel stressed or anxious.

HOW TO APPLY: Anoint your pulse points, center of the chest, back of the neck, and Third Eye. 

∆ My oils of choice for this body-care product are jojoba and sunflower.  

Pure essential oil of patchouli and vanilla oleoresin derived from the pods of orchids in the vanilla genus are contained in this formulation. 

∆ This anointing oil comes in a 10 ml glass bottle with roller ball applicator and cap.