Magick :: Perfume Oil

Magick :: Perfume Oil

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When we practice magick through spellwork, rituals, incantations, and prayer, we engage in ancient practices that connect us with nature and have the power to create positive change and deepen our life experience. Magick involves getting in touch with our own personal power, raising and directing energies to fulfill our intentions. This perfume oil was carefully crafted to support you in your magickal work.

I've imbued this powerful blend with essential oils that ground, uplift, relax, inspire, and protect--encouraging a mindset and atmosphere that is conducive to successful magickal practice. It's fragrant notes of patchouli, vanilla, benzoin, blood orange, and lavender work magickally together to impart a captivating scent, much like the elements of your spellwork and rituals work together to create a desired outcome. Patchouli lends a woody, warm, sweet and spicy quality to the base, which contains a layer of creamy vanilla coupled with resinous benzoin that has subtle notes of luscious chocolate and vanilla. These grounding aromatic hues compliment the citrusy and elevating middle note of blood orange, topped with the rich and sweet floral note of calming lavender. These essential oils are combined in a nourishing base of jojoba and fractionated coconut oils. 

∆ It comes in a stylish 6 ml clear glass perfume bottle (depending on my bottle supplier's availability, the bottle will either be rectangular or round).

∆ Essential oil is used in this formula.

Customer Reviews

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As soon as I placed this perfume on my wrist and smelled it, I was transported to a wonderful, magical place that I didn’t want to return from! I absolutely love it!!

Beautiful Scent

I just received this yesterday and I am already obsessed with it. It is calming and empowering at the same time. I absolutely love it and can see myself wearing it every day.

Magickally Delicious!

This is one of those fragrances that gets people asking, "Hey - what perfume are you wearing?" It starts off with strong notes of vanilla that immediately transition into benzoin and blood orange. As your skin warms up the oil, the patchouli and lavender heart opens up. As with any of Susan's fragrance oil blends, just a few dabs will do ya!

Hauntingly beautiful and crafted with power. .I love this scent!

I just received this today. It came packaged beautifully and carefully with a hand written note. I am so happy with this scent and cant wait to try the other ones as well. Just a pleasure of a company, owner, and her products are amazing!


The scent of this perfume oil gives me confidence. As strange as it may sound, wearing it makes me feel like I can conquer anything. It reminds me of the scent warrior queens would pass on to their princesses, in little bottles adorned with gemstones.