The Thinning Veil :: Clairvoyancy Ointment
The Thinning Veil :: Clairvoyancy Ointment

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The Thinning Veil :: Clairvoyancy Ointment

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Unlock your natural psychic abilities with this very special topical herbal formulation that is wildcrafted with a large assortment of foraged herbs, roots, bark, and mushrooms that have long been associated with psychic power and spirit communication. It's created with the intent to aid you in your practices of meditation, divination (with tarot reading, scrying, etc.), spirit communication, dream work, astral travel, and hedge riding. Some folks use it at bedtime to promote calmness and relaxation, and to stimulate lucid dreaming. You can also apply it to calm yourself if you're having a hectic or chaotic day. 

This clairvoyancy ointment is a natural, non-toxic, non-hallucinogenic handmade product, wildcrafted with herbs that are infused in a nourishing base of almond and olive oils and combined with beeswax. The plants in this formulation are all ethically and reverently harvested by me from my immediate rural environment here in Maine and include mugwort, wild rose hips, dandelion blossoms and roots, wild carrot, bay laurel, yarrow, linden flowers, birch leaves and bark, and reishi mushroom. These herbs and oils were carefully selected for their magickal properties which relax the body and mind, boost intuition and psychic awareness, provide protection, and clear any negative energies. 

I'm excited to offer it in 1 oz and 2 oz sizes. This ointment will last you a long time, as you only need to apply a pea-sized amount (or less) for each application (see below for application instructions).  

A minimal and safe amount of high-quality, pure essential oils is used in this blend, including oils of lavender, blood orange, and Palo Santo. **Important Sustainability Note: I obtain Palo Santo essential oil from a company that ethically and sustainably sources it (the oil is distilled from sustainably cultivated wood that comes from a 50 acre farm in Ecuador that contains both naturally occurring and replanted Palo Santo. They have replanted over 5000 Palo Santo trees on the land so far to ensure adequate supply for the future). This company works in close partnership with The United Plant Savers and other land conservation organizations.** Palo Santo has a sweet, woody citrus aroma with a resinous back note and pairs nicely with the complementary bright sugary-citrus notes of blood orange and the herbaceous-floral scent of lavender.

How to apply this ointment: Massage no more than a pea-sized amount into your wrists, back of the neck, temples, over the third eye on the forehead, and into the soles of the feet approximately 30 minutes prior to your spiritual practice. A tiny bit goes a long way.

∆ For external use only.

∆ It comes in a leak-proof tin.

∆ A minimal and safe amount of high-quality, pure essential oils is used in this formula.