Shadow Work Anointing Oil

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Shadow Work Anointing Oil

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As the days grow shorter and the colder weather approaches it invites quiet, rest, and reflection, and provides a gift; a time to naturally retreat inward into the shadows of the soul; as mysterious as a pathway into a dark forest and as comforting as the waters of the womb. There cannot be light without shadow, nor shadow without light. Each one holds something unique, and each one holds the other. 


This plant-based formulation is specially crafted for the practice of shadow work, AND is also ideal for any type of divination or spirit communication work. 

This naturally ruby-red, plant-based preparation was created slowly over a period of several weeks and imparts an aroma that is otherworldly, dreamy, relaxing and peaceful, as well as uplifting. This blend swirls with the light and sweet citrusy fragrance of neroli, lavender that is floral and sweet with a hint of balsamic undertone, and a touch of herby mugwort, all mellowed and deepened by the rich and warm ambrosial note of vanilla.   

HOW TO APPLY: Apply to your wrists, back of the neck, temples, over the third eye on the forehead, and into the soles of the feet approximately 30 minutes prior to your spiritual practice. You can also use this oil as a perfume.


You can explore shadow work through journaling or deep heart talk with other kindred souls. At its core, shadow work is about bringing a range of hidden inner emotions to the light to process them, as well as bringing out hidden aspects of self that deserve to be honored, celebrated, and shared with the world.


St. John’s wort, lavender, mugwort, neroli, vanilla, and alkanet root are all plants that have been carefully selected for this formulation, as their magickal properties are associated with love, psychic powers, protection, peace, anti-negativity, and mental acuity and clarity, all important facets of this kind of spiritual work.

∆ My oils of choice for this body-care product are almond, safflower, and fractionated coconut.  

Pure essential oils of sustainably sourced neroli, lavender, mugwort, and vanilla oleoresin are contained in this formulation. 

∆ This anointing oil comes in a 10 ml glass bottle with roller ball applicator and cap.