Dead Poet :: Perfume Oil

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Dead Poet :: Perfume Oil

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This book-inspired fragrance is an ode to the poets who are living still, and in remembrance of those who have passed “Immortal in their verse, though life be fled,” as Henry Wadsworth Longfellow wrote in his poem The Poets.

A life filled with books is an inspired life well-lived. You can lose yourself in deep thought-inducing poetry, or escape to a fictional world filled with imagination, fantasy, and magic. This scent will transport you to a leisurely evening spent in an old manor’s library, wandering through rich mahogany shelving, seeking that book which is meant for you—the one containing lines of words that will leave you forever transformed. And when you find the one that speaks to you, get cozy by the fire, wrapped in a chenille blanket, sinking into a velvety couch piled high with soft, plush pillows, book and hot drink in hand.

Dead Poet perfume oil invites you to enjoy the scent of worn, leather-bound books that have passed through many hands and inspired countless hearts, woodsy parchment paper, black coffee with hints of pumpkin spice, whispering tendrils of sweet tobacco, and smoke from a crackling fireside.

This fragrance is for you, the book lover!

∆ It comes in a stylish 6 ml clear glass perfume bottle (depending on my bottle supplier's availability, the bottle will either be rectangular or round).

∆ Premium Grade Fragrance Oils used in this perfume are designed by an International Fragrance Association certified master perfumer. These fragrance oils are vegan, cruelty-free, and gluten-free.

∆ This perfume contains skin-friendly carrier oils of jojoba and fractionated coconut.