Conjure Solid Perfume
Conjure Solid Perfume
Conjure Solid Perfume

Conjure Solid Perfume

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Oakmoss. Honey. Smoke. These holy elements blend together in this deeply sensual solid perfume that can strengthen your connection to nature and hone your ability to conjure up magick from within. As you anoint your sacred body's pulse points with this balm, enjoy the dark deliciousness of oakmoss--the key botanical essence of this natural formulation.

Oakmoss, known as Evernia prunastri, is a tree lichen that grows primarily on oak and pine trees in the Northern Hemisphere. It embodies a dark, rich green aroma that can ground you while your Higher Self accesses the clarity, wisdom, and magick that is your birthright. The base of this evocative formulation is beeswax, which gifts the scent with a mild honeyed note that is complimented by hints of ancient ritual smoke--those magickal tendrils that rise from your cauldron, sending your personal incantations out into the cosmos.

The raw beauty of Conjure is reminiscent of a lush, primeval forest--a labyrinth of rooted trees, vines and brambles, blankets of soft, green moss, and cast shadows that are filled with mystery and enchantment. Allow this earthy balm to transform you into becoming a part of the ancient energy of the forest, awaken your wild heart, and enliven you with its long-lasting scent filled with primal energy.

∆ It comes in a 7 ml eco-friendly compostable tube.

∆ Oakmoss resin is used in this formula. The oakmoss extraction used in this formulation is IFRA-compliant (IFRA stands for the International Fragrance Association).

∆ A Premium Grade Fragrance Oil is used in this perfume to achieve the smoky note. It is designed by an International Fragrance Association certified master perfumer. This fragrance oil is vegan, cruelty-free, and gluten-free. 

Customer Reviews

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Robin Brawn
Smells so natural

This smells like a walk in the woods. It is a joy to put on and feel like I can “conjure” my next steps in my day❤️


Conjure is like an old friend who comes out of the woods, says hello, and he was there all along. It is refreshing as a thirteenth mist, a breath of alpaca down on a sleepless night, yet beefy, strong, as wandering camel on a moonlit night. It is the utter love of the turtle to it's watery master. Conjure will always be with me, and the me with me. I love this fragrance.

Wonderfully Subtle

You know how you can walk near an incense display and there is a lovely note in the air but as you get closer it becomes cloying? Well, this is that lovely note with none of the backlash. Deeply warm with the moss and just the smallest tang of the smoke of fine wood. Perhaps even some myrrh around the edges. I've wanted something just like this for ages!! Perfect scent and a darling package. I keep it at the doorway to daub before I leave. Love it!!

Jessi Youngdale
The woods, dark and deep

I love this perfume! It is smoky and deep and dark and lovely. I layer it with essential oils that have green scents, like hemlock and green myrtle or resinous scents like palo santo to brighten it. As the greener notes fade, the dusky, cozy oak moss melts into my skin. I feel like I've been walking in the woods or sitting around a camp fire.

Carry the forest with you. . .

Finally - a solid perfume that lasts all day! The oakmoss is sweet and smoky, and delightfully witchy. Neither overpowering nor fading, this perfume helps ground me in elemental Earth energies. Feminine, mysterious, and unforgettable. A truly beautifully blended fragrance.