Hair Growth Oil
Hair Growth Oil
Hair Growth Oil

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Hair Growth Oil

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Our Hair Growth Oil now comes in a larger size of 2 ounces. This formulation contains plants known to promote hair growth/regrowth, strengthening, hydration, and shine, with regular use and over time. It moisturizes the scalp and can help prevent future hair loss. This product, free of essential oils, comes in two formulations: for dark hair and light hair. Both blends contain natural ingredients that can produce the same outcomes, with the exception of the way they interact with hair color. To elaborate, the nettle, rosemary, and castor oil are only used in the formulation for dark hair, as over time, they can darken hair (including gray hair, which is a factor you may love). Substitutions with similar medicinal properties are used for the 'light hair' formulation, to prevent darkening of the hair.

Multiple options for use: 1-2x per week, or as needed. Massage one dropperful into your scalp 30 minutes prior to shampooing. For an extra-nourishing treatment, you can opt to leave it in over night and shampoo in the morning. It absorbs well and does not leave your hair feeling weighed down or greasy after washing. You can even use a tiny amount to tame frizz and flyaway hairs. A little goes a long way.

Hair Growth Oil For Dark Hair contains horsetail, peppermint, rosemary, nettle, and marshmallow root infused in olive oil, jojoba oil, and castor oil.

Hair Growth Oil for Light Hair contains horsetail, peppermint, tulsi (holy basil), and marshmallow root infused in olive oil, and jojoba oil.

 ∆ This formulation comes in a 2 oz. glass bottle with dropper. It is airtight and leak-proof.

∆ No essential oils were used in this formula.