Samhain Ritual Spray

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Samhain Ritual Spray

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Samhain Ritual Spray is a magickal botanical formulation that smells richly of pumpkin and spice, with hints of warm vanilla and green notes of herbaceous mugwort. It's designed to support and empower you in your spiritual practices at Samhain-time, when the veil between worlds parts. It is an ideal tool for enhancing spirit communication, meditation, spellwork, divination work like tarot reading and scrying, and astral projection. It can easily be incorporated into your autumnal sabbat rituals and celebrations. The powerful plant energy contained within this preparation will cleanse and purify your space, sharpen your psychic intuition, aid you in raising your vibration to enhance connection and communication with your spirit ancestors, ground and raise energy for spellwork, provide protection during your rituals, and help you receive messages of loving guidance and divine wisdom. Spritz your home, sacred workspace, or seance area, and cleanse and charge your magickal tools, ceremonial garb, talismans and amulets, your altar, and more. 

∆ It pairs well with our witch's Flying Ointment, a topical application to be used in conjunction with your spiritual work.

∆ This formulation comes in a 2 oz. glass amber bottle with fine mist sprayer. It is airtight and leak-proof.

∆ Essential oil of mugwort is used in this formulation.