Green Goddess Bliss Balm

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Green Goddess Bliss Balm

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This wild herbal salve is made especially for you to promote radiant health. It’s lovingly crafted from ethically foraged St. John’s wort, balsam fir and red cedarwood needles that have been slowly infused in skin-friendly oils over a period of many weeks. This slow infusion method efficiently extracts the potent medicine from these life-giving plants.

This plant-based salve is specially formulated with plants known to soothe muscle, nerve, and joint pain, and promote a healthy inflammatory response.

The nourishing oils of choice for this product include sunflower, safflower, and almond oils.

Minimal, safe amounts of therapeutic-grade essential oils of peppermint, balsam fir, and cedarwood have been added, which are all known to provide pain relief to the body.

The base of this product is made of shea butter and beeswax from a local beekeeper.

Simply massage a dollop of the formulation into the desired area and gift yourself with some rest and relaxation. A little goes a long way. 

∆ It comes in a leak-proof green glass jar.

 Minimal high-quality, therapeutic-grade essential oils are used in this formula.