Hibiscus Rose Facial Toner

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Hibiscus Rose Facial Toner

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This herbal facial toner is free of essential oils and infused with beautifying flower blossoms of hibiscus, beach rose, and chamomile. It has both hydrating and astringent properties, so it cleans skin and tightens pores without drying it out. The plant-based ingredients in this preparation are known to calm skin, soothe and prevent acne, soften wrinkles, help with discoloration and even skin tone, enhance elasticity, and prevent free radical damage. Hibiscus is a power ingredient in this toner, and the plant that gives it a gorgeous ruby-red glow. It can inhibit the production of elastase, which is an enzyme that breaks down elastin in your skin. In addition, hibiscus is marked as an oil-reducing herb, is known to have a Botox-like effect, and has exfoliating properties which remove dead skin cells and enhance skin renewal for a radiant, glowing complexion.    

Suitable for all skin types. 

Ingredients: blossoms of hibiscus, beach rose, and chamomile infused in witch hazel extract. 

**I highly recommend pairing this toner with the Herbal & Wild Mushroom Nourishing Face Cream (available in the cooler months) and Nourishing Herbal Serum for optimal effects. After cleansing, use toner, then serum, and finish with the face cream.**

∆ Use daily after cleansing. Moisten a cotton ball or pad and apply to face and neck. Avoid using around the eyes.

∆ You may see some herbal sediment at the bottom of your toner. This is a natural occurrence with herbal toner, and is safe. 

∆ This toner comes in a 4oz. frosted glass bottle that is airtight and leak-proof.


Important Product Safety Information

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This product is for external use only. As with any products applied externally to the body, always do a patch test prior to full coverage use. Discontinue use if adverse reaction should occur. 

Store in a cool, dry place.