Goddess Glow Brightening Elixir

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Goddess Glow Brightening Elixir

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Unveil a more luminous complexion with this wildcrafted, plant-based, essential oil-free formula of rosa rugosa (beach rose) and lady's mantle infused in fractionated coconut oil, and Japanese knotweed roots infused in sweet almond oil (these skin-loving oils are appropriate for all skin types and will not clog pores). Over time and with daily use, this preparation can help lighten dark spots and areas of discoloration, and even out overall skin tone. You can use it as a targeted treatment or for your entire face. A little bit goes a long way. Apply to damp skin for better absorption.

Japanese knotweed is super-high in resveratrol, which is known to brighten and protect skin, calm skin and minimize redness, enhance tissue hydration, and protect skin from environmental influences. It has also been shown to preserve dermal collagen, stimulate cellular renewal, and help increase skin's thickness. 

Rosa rugosa, also known as beach rose, has many properties that are beneficial to skin. It's a natural antibacterial that can help reduce and prevent acne, is anti-inflammatory so it can calm sensitive skin, contains high amounts of vitamin C which is a powerful antioxidant and has the potential to lighten ages spots, and contains natural oils that can improve elasticity and help lock moisture into the skin to keep it feeling soft and smooth. 

Lady's mantle's high tannin content provides astringency that helps tone and tighten the skin and can reduce the size of pores. Its flavonoid content has properties that are known to calm and soothe skin and promote a glowing complexion. 

My oils of choice for this infused blend are fractionated coconut oil (not the same as non-fractionated) and sweet almond oil, both of which have a rating of 2 on the comedogenic rating scale, so they won't clog pores. Sweet almond oil contains three skin-lightening compounds (phytosterols, Vitamin E, and niacinamide) and is often used in cosmetic products to even out complexion, treat hyperpigmentation, and lighten dark circles under the eyes. Fractionated coconut oil also has skin-lightening constituents that can help brighten your skin and prevent future discoloration.

 ∆ This formulation comes in a 1/2 oz. amber (to protect from light) glass bottle with dropper. It is airtight and leak-proof.

∆ No essential oils were used in this formula.