Solace Salve

Solace Salve

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This herbal salve is lovingly wildcrafted from life-giving plants that I’ve responsibly and reverently foraged and harvested from the woods and fields surrounding my home in Maine. This permeating blend is handy and soothing to the body after a hike, a day of playing in the garden, or a workout. 

It's free of essential oils and is crafted solely from fresh plant matter (with some of the initial moisture released) and by slow infusion method, to both honor the plants and deeply extract their beautiful constituents. This salve is rich in St. John’s Wort, blue spruce tips, goldenrod, mugwort, pearly everlasting, daisy blossoms, and rosy meadowsweet. 

My nourishing oils of choice for this product include extra virgin olive oil, sweet almond oil, and safflower oil. The base is made of local beeswax.

Simply massage it into the desired area and gift yourself with some rest and relaxation.

∆ It comes in a 1oz. leak-proof tin and will last you a long time.

∆ No essential oils were used in this formula.


Customer Reviews

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I started using this wonderful salve on my knees (osteoarthritis) and I must say it definitely works. I’ve used quite a few other ointments but this is the one I’ll be using from now on. I highly recommend this salve. Thank you! ✨✨✨


My right foot has been through so much. I saw this and had to try it. I am thrilled with this product and I highly recommend it. The ingredients and care that has gone into this is amazing. Thank you !✨💙✨

Chelsea Fuller
Relief finally

This salve is so amazing. I've been using it for my lower back and cramps! It takes everything away.

Solace Salve Brings Relief

Thank you for making this salve! I have used it, primarily before bed, on areas of my body where I have experienced chronic and acute pain with positive results. The pain relief feels different than taking pills to ease pain. The ingredients in the salve penetrate deeper assisting the healing process, rather than blocking pain receptors. Using Solace along with other healing modalities, I am finding the intensity of some of the more recent pain is ebbing when it resurfaces. It helps me feel the progress in my process.

Everyone needs this!

I have chronic wrist issues between breaking the left one a few years ago and then developing tendinitis in the right one. I actually have to get surgery soon for the right wrist but this salve is a savior! It did everything that icy hot and ice bags couldn't do. I have ZERO pain when I use it and a little goes a long way. I keep this on hand at all times.

Bonus reason why I love this: I have asthma and you're not supposed to use anything with menthol because it can aggravate asthma. This salve is the best alternative as it has no menthol (and again, works way better than any over the counter product Ive used!)