Olde Salem Perfume Oil

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Olde Salem Perfume Oil

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This spellbinding, nostalgic Fall scent is inspired by the mysterious and haunting history of Salem, Massachusetts. With a dab of this perfume oil on your skin, travel back in time to an autumnal walk through this New England village in the year 1692, breathing in chilly air filled with aromas of crisp leaves crunching underfoot, woodsmoke wafting from stone chimneys, and apple orchards heavy with sweet, red fruit.

This perfume oil is created in remembrance and in honor of our Salem ancestors convicted of witchcraft. It is inspired most by Bridget Bishop, a smart, self-assertive, single, independent person, land owner, and gregarious proprietor of two taverns in Salem. Sadly, she was the first person in town to be unjustly condemned for witchcraft. Bridget was noted for her unusual ways like outfitting herself in red bodices looped with laces of different colors, and a black cap—delightfully outrageous for the times. 

Bridget’s property located at 43 Church Street was known for its bountiful apple orchards, and although the orchards no longer stand, people in recent times have reported paranormal sightings of Bridget here, and the faint smell of apples in the air. Could it be that her ghost still gathers the fruit? As an interesting aside, I have visited Turner’s Seafood Restaurant which currently sits on this property. I myself have encountered the spirit of Bridget on a lunch date here, and found her personality to be pleasantly strong, eccentric, warm, and welcoming. After an encounter like that, how could I not craft a Salem perfume in her honor?

∆ This perfume oil is warm, woodsy, smokey, fruity, and autumnal. Enjoy a deliciously magickal mélange of notes of Fall leaves, woodsmoke, and sweet, fresh apples.

∆ It comes in a stylish 6 ml clear glass perfume bottle (depending on my bottle supplier's availability, the bottle will either be rectangular or round).

∆ Essential oil is used in this formula.

∆ Premium Grade Fragrance Oils used in this perfume are designed by an International Fragrance Association certified master perfumer. These fragrance oils are vegan, cruelty-free, and gluten-free.

∆ This perfume contains skin-friendly carrier oils of jojoba and fractionated coconut.