Hedge Witch Body Oil

Hedge Witch Body Oil

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The hedge witch meanders slowly through the forest with basket in hand, communing with the trees, quietly gathering wildflowers, roots, and mushrooms. She works in partnership with these magnificent plants to wildcraft her botanical potions. One such formulation she makes with the fluffy white and rosy meadowsweet blossoms she forages and the vibrant orange calendula blooms from her garden—a sensual, fragrant, 'body and soul care' offering called Hedge Witch Body Oil. The plants are lovingly and slowly infused in safflower oil, then blended with high quality, pure essential oils of sustainably sourced frankincense and copaiba, resulting in a blend that nourishes and guards the skin.

Treat yourself to an after-shower or after-bath oil anointing ritual, add a dropperful to your bathwater, indulge in a full-body massage (you can dilute it further with your favorite carrier oil if you wish), or apply this luscious oil whenever you’d like to refresh the sacred temple of your body and your mind. This magickal blend absorbs readily and contains plant-based constituents that moisturize skin, can fade scars and stretch marks, firm skin, increase blood flow, and provide a soothing and calming experience.

The aroma of this body oil is reminiscent of the forest the hedge witch lives in harmony with. Its fragrance is warm, resinous, and deeply earthy, with a slightly sweet note that will transport you as it works its magick. 

∆ My oil of choice for this body-care product is safflower oil. It goes on lightly, works for all skin types including sensitive skin, is hydrating, and absorbs readily and quickly. The naturally-occuring vitamin E in this oil helps repair and protect skin. Safflower oil has a super low comedogenic rating of 0, so it will not clog pores. 

∆ Essential oils of frankincense and copaiba are used in this formula. **Note: I obtain frankincense essential oil from a company that ethically and sustainably sources it.**

∆ This body oil comes in a charming 2oz. frosted amber glass bottle (to protect from UV damage) with convenient dropper cap.

∆ If using a dropperful of this oil in your bathwater, please be aware that it can make the lining of your tub slippery. Use caution when entering and exiting the bath.


Customer Reviews

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Jessi Youngdale
Sweet Relief

Love it! I put a dropper full in my bath... divine! I mix the Hedge Witch oil and 10 drops of black pepper essential oil into equal parts epsom salt and baking soda. When the oils are mixed into the salts they don't float on top of the water, but dissolve a bit better into the water; I find that I feel the effects more deeply that way. It is heaven for my nervous system, muscles and joints. It has improved the depth of my sleep and the rest I receive when I sleep.
Also, I put it on after showers as my body oil. It helps my muscles relax and my mind then relaxes, too. I can feel an immediate lessening of tightness and soreness when I apply it copiously to specific areas of my body. Amazing!!!

Magical oil in a bottle

This Hedge Witch Body Oil is like no other. I literally feel like I’m walking through the woods when I put it on. The smells is mesmerizing. When I put it on I close my eyes and I picture walking through the woods, thick Matts of green moss covering the ground, tiny mushrooms everywhere and trees all around me. The smell of this oil is like no other and believe me I’ve tried so many in the past years but after buying this one it’s my one and only favorite. It’s definitely magic in a bottle ✨💜✨ my only hopes is that one day there will be a bigger sized bottle so I can use it more often! All of the products I’ve purchased from Susan have exceeded my expectations. Thank you! ✨💜✨

the best oil ever

i use this on my skin after every shower before lotion, every time i grab the bottle i can feel the amazing energy and know that my skin is receiving a blessing. it’s never been so smooth and hydrated. many thanks susan i love it 🖤

Zoe P.
Great Product

Smells very planty when on the skin but i like that. Leaves skin feeling soft and surprisingly not oily or sticky. I used it on the driest parts of my body (elbows and knees) and it made those areas feel like normal skin... But my hands, it made my hands feel like a baby's butt! Deffinetly would recomend to anyone who loves the smell of grass and that sweet, distinct smell you get when walking through the forest.