Vanilla Wild Rose Lip Balm
Vanilla Wild Rose Lip Balm

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Vanilla Wild Rose Lip Balm

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This silky smooth, soothing balm is a favorite in our household. The scent and flavor is a warm, sweet vanilla with a hint of wild rose. It's not perfumy or overpowering, but natural and delish. This formulation is wildcrafted from the petals of the beach rose, which grows in abundance all along the rocky coast of Maine. The petals release their properties into fractionated coconut oil for a period of six weeks in a cool, dark place. Rose is a natural antibacterial, an anti-inflammatory which calms irritated skin, and contains natural oils that help lock in moisture. 

The base is made of beeswax, and I've added some jojoba oil to the mix, as it is a natural source of vitamin E that moisturizes and softens the lips.

∆ It comes in a 7 ml eco-friendly compostable tube.

A minimal, safe amount of high-quality, lip-safe vanilla oleoresin oil is used in this formula.