Magick Herbal Bath Tea

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Magick Herbal Bath Tea

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Indulge your whole body, mind, and spirit with a warm, aromatic herbal bath that is freshly scented of beach roses, lemony citrus, and mint. Our Magick Herbal Bath Tea contains skin-loving plants that will relax and soothe you while heightening and strengthening your intuitive wisdom and inner vision. The plants in this bath blend--mugwort, rose, mint, lemonbalm, calendula, comfrey, and hibiscus--will connect you to your innermost self and help you access your souls's truest dreams and desires. The magickal properties of the plants can calm you and open your heart, while their beneficial constituents can give you radiant, glowing, healthy skin. 

I have a close relationship to the plants contained within the boquet of this magickal blend, as I have the privilege of co-existing and co-creating with them on the land I call home here in Maine along the Kennebec River--the land of the Kennebis tribe of Swan Island. I carefully and reverently hand-harvest and preserve/dry these sacred plants from the wild and from my gardens, so you can enjoy and benefit from their energetic constituents.

This bag of bath tea will make 2 blissful herbal baths. It comes with a reusable muslin tea bag, which you can fill with the herbs, tie the drawstring, and steep in the water as you draw your bath. Lavish your skin with the joyous energy of the plants!

∆ 1/2 oz. of herbal bath tea comes in an eco-friendly package. It will make two luxurious baths. 

∆ Essential oils of rose absolute, lemon balm, and peppermint are used in this formula.


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