Honey Calendula Hemp Lip Balm
Honey Calendula Hemp Lip Balm

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Honey Calendula Hemp Lip Balm

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Our Honey Calendula Hemp Lip Balm is a creamy and calming herbal balm that nourishes, deeply hydrates, softens, and protects the skin of the lips. Calendula flower petals from the garden, organic local honey, raw shea butter, and hemp seed and fractionated coconut oils have been carefully selected for this formulation, as they are known for their skin soothing and reparative properties. 

The scent and flavor is a sweet, honeyed vanilla with a mildly nutty aroma (created by the rich, green hemp seed oil). Mmm, it's like a bakery treat! 

∆ The base of this formulation is made of beeswax.

∆ It comes in a 7 ml eco-friendly compostable tube.

A minimal, safe amount of high-quality, lip-safe vanilla oleoresin oil is used in this formula.

∆ This product is THC drug-free.