Dry Shampoo For Light and Dark Hair

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Dry Shampoo For Light and Dark Hair

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To keep hair healthy and looking its best, it's recommended that it not be washed every day. This preserves the hair's natural oils and keeps it well-moisturized. In between washings, my hair could use a bit of freshening up, so that's why I created this dry shampoo that I use regularly and share with you as a shop offering. Our dry shampoo comes in two versions--for light hair and dark hair. This sweet-smelling, herbal dry shampoo will neutralize and absorb the oiliness that forms at the roots of hair in between washings, giving it lift, life, and a fresh and clean appearance. Just a few sprinkles will give hair an instant transformation. 

The base of the formula is arrowroot powder (a starch obtained from the fibrous root of the Maranta arundinacea plant). Cacao powder is added to the version for dark hair, creating a darker pigment, plus its chocolaty scent smells amazing blended with the added geranium essential oil... This dry shampoo is enhanced with geranium essential oil, which is known to recuperate hair from root to tip, control dandruff, promote hair growth, and condition hair, leaving it soft and smooth. The pleasing scent of the pink-blossomed geranium is sweet, floral, slightly herbaceous, lemony-rosy, and crisp, and is said to calm and lift mood.

Sprinkle about 1 teaspoon of the powder into the palm of your hand (more if needed). You can use your fingertips or a large makeup brush to work the shampoo directly into the roots of your hair. Comb or brush it through and style as you normally would.

∆ It comes in a 60ml eco-friendly compostable tube. A little goes a long way.

∆ Pure essential oil of geranium is used in this formula.

∆ To keep the sifter holes clear and the powder flowing freely, tap the base of the eco shaker a couple of times on a countertop.