As Above, So Below Herbal Incense
As Above, So Below Herbal Incense

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As Above, So Below Herbal Incense

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It is an ancient practice of many cultures to utilize the plant powers of herbal incense for meditation and for rituals and spellwork that center around cleansing, blessing, and attracting beneficial energies. It can also be used for divination and spirit communication work. This herbal incense blend offering, 'As Above, So Below,' is co-created with plants, bark, resin, and berries with energetic properties that can heighten psychic awareness and aid you in any spiritual practice that involves meditation, access of inner wisdom, and connection to your Higher Self and the the Spirit World. The added white copal resin (Damma Gum), has a high vibration that can also ground you, adds a pleasing aroma to the blend, and is a resin that has historically been used to help souls find their way home, and why it is often burned at Beltane and Samhain when making connections with loved ones who have passed on.

The meaning of 'As Above, So Below' is that the spirit realm (As Above) and the earthly realm (So Below) are intricately and inextricably linked in divine interconnectedness. Your physical self depends on your spiritual self, and your existence here on the early plane is connected to the spirit realm from which you come and which you will return.

This herbal incense blend comes in loose form, and contains both dried plant matter, bark, berries, resin, and essential oil that is safe and non-toxic to burn. I have a close relationship to the plants in this blend, which come from the land I am privileged to live on. I watch them cycle through birth, death, and rebirth, and I listen to and learn from their wisdom. I reverently forage most of the plants in this blend and harvest the rest from my witch's garden. They are harvested at their energetic peak and carefully dried to preserve the plants' constituents.

This tin of incense comes with 3 charcoal disks that are designed specifically for burning loose incense in (not the same as charcoal for the grill). Loose herbal incense burns differently than incense sticks or cones, which are designed to burn slowly. You burn a pinch at a time and it burns rather quickly, but the sacred smoke it emits into your space as it transforms in the flame can be enjoyed for a much longer stretch of time. I add white copal resin and a bit of cedarwood essential oil to create a pleasing aroma (as dried plant matter that has a sweet aroma often does not have a pleasing smell when burned). White copal smells sweet and slightly woody, and pairs well with the added cedarwood powder and cedarwood essential oil, which also smell earthy and woodsy.

Ingredients: dried herbs of mugwort, garden sage, rose, sweetfern, yarrow, blackberry leaf, apple wood, and juniper berries, cedarwood powder and essential oil, white copal resin

How to Use: Fill a heat-proof vessel with sand or salt, place it on a heat-safe surface, and nestle a charcoal disk inside the sand/salt (concave orientation, so it looks like a little cup). Light the edges of the disk, preferably with a lighter that has a long metal wand to avoid burning yourself. The disk will begin to spark and will get very hot (as will your vessel, so handle with extreme care). Take a pinch of the incense and drop it into the center of the concave charcoal disk. It will begin to smoke. You can repeat this process as many times as you desire. The charcoal disk will eventually turn white, but remain hot for a while and support the burning of your incense. Be sure to crack a window for ventilation purposes and never leave your burning incense or heated charcoal disk unattended.

∆ It comes in a 2oz. tin. 

∆ Cedarwood essential oil is used in this formula.