Mend :: An All-Purpose Herbal Salve for Skin
Mend :: An All-Purpose Herbal Salve for Skin
Mend :: An All-Purpose Herbal Salve for Skin

Mend :: An All-Purpose Herbal Salve for Skin

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Mend is an all-purpose, herbal skin salve that is made from simple plant allies that I’ve ethically and reverently foraged and harvested from the woods and fields surrounding my home in Maine. This rich compound, which is free of essential oils, is perfect for any season! It deeply hydrates, nourishes, and protects skin. 

Use this versatile salve to soothe and repair areas of dry, chapped, cracked, itchy skin and as a preventative to keep skin healthy and supple. Great on heels and elbows! Use it as a lip balm, a cuticle conditioner, or to tame fly-away tresses. It makes a  great after-sun balm and can take the itch out of bug bites.

This salve is made mostly from fresh plant matter (with some of the initial moisture released) and by slow infusion method, to both honor the plants and deeply extract their constituents. Ingredients include a balance of yarrow, goldenrod, plantain leaf, St. John's Wort, self-heal, dandelion blossoms, and comfrey leaf. 

My nourishing oils of choice for this salve include extra virgin olive oil and safflower oil. The base is made of beeswax.

∆ It comes in a 1oz. leak-proof tin and will last you a long time.

∆ No essential oils were used in this formula.


Customer Reviews

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Chelsea Fuller

I have extremely dry cuticles that always crack. Nothing has ever helped to relieve them until i tried this product. I use it every night and my nails are finally smooth.

Mend Salve Bring My Hands Back To Life

I am so grateful for this salve. I wash my hands so often at work and at home that my hands get raw, especially in the winter. When I put Mend on before bed, my hands heal up and the skin becomes saturated and soft. It's like a miracle every morning!

Puppywings Jen
Healed my hands

This salve worked wonders on my dry cracked hands. Due to my profession, I’m having to wash my hands quite a bit. As soon as the cold dry air hit, my hands suffered. They hurt to the point that I was crying. I came across Susan’s Mend Salve and decided to give it a try. Everything else I used either wasn’t working or was making it worse. I put Mend on each night before bed with gloves. I can see a difference the first night. It’s been a over a month later and my hands actually look younger than before they got chapped. I love that a little bit goes a long way. When it comes back in stock, I plan on ordering more to keep around for first aid or skin irritations. Thanks, Susan for this wonderful healing product.

Mary Ann
Such a Big Helper

I fell last week and really scraped my knee. I applied Mend and my scrapes are healing so quickly. I wrote to thank Susan and she sent me back the kindest and most loving response. She said that I could use it as a lip balm. I tried it last night and I love it! I cannot get enough of this salve. It's texture glides on with the most~perfect application. 💚

All purpose healing salve

This healing salve is wonderful, I recently cut my finger at work on a sharp knife, probably should’ve gotten a stitch but didn’t. Anyway I started using the salve on the cut and it started healing immediately. I now carry it in my bag at all times. Been massaging it into my cuticles also. Love it!!!