Flying Ointment
Flying Ointment

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Flying Ointment

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This small-batch, topical herbal formulation is created with the intent to aid you in your practices of meditation, divination (with tarot reading, scrying, etc.), spirit communication, dream work, astral travel, and hedge riding. Some folks use it at bedtime to promote calmness and relaxation, and to stimulate deep lucid dreaming. You can also apply it to calm yourself if you're having a chaotic day. Our flying ointment is a natural, non-toxic handmade product, wildcrafted with herbs that are infused in a nourishing base of extra virgin olive oil and pumpkin seed oil, combined with beeswax. Herbs in this formulation include mugwort, rose petals, skullcap, lavender, wild carrot, yarrow, valerian root, oregano, and nettle. 

I have two scent options for this formulation--one that incorporates a hint of floral violet essential oil, and the other that is a blend of essential oils of vetiver, mandarin, and lavender, giving the ointment a deep woodsy scent with top notes of citrus and lavender.

These herbs and oils were carefully selected for their magickal properties which relax the body and mind, boost intuition and psychic awareness, provide protection, and clear any negative energies.

How to apply this ointment: Massage no more than a pea-sized amount into your wrists, back of the neck, temples, over the third eye on the forehead, and into the soles of the feet approximately 30 minutes prior to your spiritual practice. A tiny bit goes a long way.

∆ For external use only.

∆ Ointment comes in a 1.5 oz clear glass jar with BPA-free golden lid dressed in a paper and twine adornment.

∆ A minimal amount of high-quality, pure essential oils are used in this formula.